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Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
should do it the way president clinton did it. ask for shared sacrifice. particularly for millionaires and billionaires. i will take one exception was the question. social security and medicare. >> moderator: even under the affordable care, medicare as we knew it, wouldn't survive much beyond the next decade or so. what specific things we do for medicare to make sure that redline doesn't keep going right through the group. rozum: patients need to have choices of doctors. medicare does stabilize cost. buerkle: >> moderator: mr. maffei. maffei: we have added nine years of solvency. but we need to get health care costs down. that would mean that it would be $6000 short of what they can afford now. >> moderator: ms. buerkle? buerkle: there have been a number of distortions that have been promoted. this is one of them. the affordable care act, as you pointed out, cuts medicare for current seniors at $700 billion. medicare has been changed for our seniors right now, unless we repeal the affordable care act. ryan budget is not a voucher program. it is a needs-based government supported premiu
Oct 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
support taking it back to what it was in the 1990s under clinton. >> moderator: congressman? dold: we want to keep investing. having said that, when we talk about a grand scheme or something working across the aisle, that could be on the table. >> moderator: congressman, charitable deductions, should they stay or go? dold: it's one of the things that has to stay. schneider: one of the things that makes us stronger is the sense we have of taking care of our neighbors. i would keep it. gld brad schneider, one corporate tax loophole you would like to close? dold: i think we have to lower the rates to make ourselves more globally competitive. so comprehensive tax reform, certainly something i've supported and, actually, one of the things that i passed out of the house of representatives, my opponent talked about how this is the most unproductive congress, yet as a freshman i've passed six pieces of legislation, two signed into law by the president. i was able to pass with overwhelming bipartisan support the global investment and american jobs act trying to focus on getting more americans, more
Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of chinese politics from m.i.t. to my far light is winston lawyered. he serves a a for president bill clinton. he mostly recented received a co-chairman of the oversea of the international rescue committee largest nonsectarian organization that helps refugees abroad and resettles them in the united states. he is at the long career of bipartisan service in the u.s. government, and special assistant to the national security adviser he accompanying henry on the secret visit to china and president nixon as well as subsequent trips by president ford and dr. kissinger. he serve as the u.s. ambassador in bay shinning under president reagan an bush. ambassador's key governmental signment were from 1973 to '77 in the defense and state department in the 9160s. in between the post he helped and headed a variety of private organizations related to international affairs. he was president of the counsel on foreign relations. as well as chairman of the national endowment for democracy and chairman of the carnegie on america in the new world. ambassador lord earned a ba from yale and a ma from fletcher. he r
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3